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Professional Services

About Fees and Insurance

Information About Appointments

Directions to Dr. Martin's Offices

Treatment and Counseling Philosophy

Training and Experience

Information About Specific Problems:

Depression & Mood Disorders
The Anxiety Disorders

Worry, Panic, Agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD,

 Phobias, Social Phobia, and Stress Disorder

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     Dr. Charles E. Martin is a licensed clinical psychologist in full-time private practice with offices in Knoxville, Tennessee (Knox County).  He is currently accepting new patients.

     Dr. Martin has been in practice over 30 years working with adults and �couples with a range of problems from stresses of everyday living to serious emotional problems. Dr. Martin's treatment approach is solution-oriented.

     Often described as gentle and easy-going, Dr. Martin's counseling style is amiable and courteous. He understands that many people are quite anxious when they begin counseling and he makes the initial sessions comfortable.

      You are invited to browse through any of the following sections to gain more information about his practice.  When you call for an initial appointment, Dr. Martin will give you priority in finding a time that is both convenient and as soon as possible.


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Professional Services

     Dr. Martin has a general psychological practice in which he treats emotional problems, stress related problems, and relationship problems. The treatment or counseling approaches depend on the problem presented and are tailored for each individual's or couple's needs.

Professional services available are:

Individual Therapy and Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Relaxation Training
Psychological Consultation


Some of the most common problems treated are:

Anxiety & Panic attacks
Excessive Worry
Low Self-esteem

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Anger Management
Grief & Loss
Coping With Difficult People
Adult ADD
Test Anxiety
Marriage Problems
Difficulties in Communicating
Step-parenting Problems
Excessive Jealousy
Trust Problems
Coping with Teenagers
Surviving Divorce


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About Fees and Insurance


     Dr. Martin's fees for individual counseling are as follows:

Initial evaluation session (90+ minutes): $200


Regular counseling sessions (50 minutes): $150

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not offer benefits for marriage counseling. The above fees apply for marriage counseling sessions, but are out-of-pocket.

      The fee structure is for office visits only. Dr. Martin does not offer any form of online or e-mail counseling.

     If you will be using health insurance, we will be happy to obtain your exact insurance benefits, including deductibles and co-payments Sometimes the experience of contacting an insurance office for information is difficult and complicated, and we have become experts at this process. Most new clients want to know this information before their initial appointment so they will know what payment will be expected at time of services.

     As a courtesy to our clients, we will gladly complete and file your insurance claims. We will wait for payment from the insurance company for your insurance benefits. We ask that you make your co-payment at time of services. If your deductible has not been met for the year, we ask that you pay for services until your deductible has been met.

     Dr. Martin is a preferred provider for many insurance companies and most MCO's, PPO's, and POS's.  By using a preferred provider, you obtain maximum benefits and the lowest copayment possible. He is being added to new insurance provider panels every month. Some, but not all, insurance panels he is currently on are:

Blue Cross, Aetna, and Medicare.

     Please note that insurance provider panels change frequently, and the above list might not be completely up to date. Your insurance plan might very well be covered even though it is not listed above. The only way to know accurately is to let us make a call to your insurance company. We invite inquiries and we can give you the very latest information. If you have any questions about fees or insurance coverage, please call Dr. Martin's office.


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Information About Appointments


All services are by appointment only.


     To make an appointment, call Dr. Martin's Knoxville office at (865) 690-9998 at any time.  Please leave your name and telephone number is Dr. Martin's confidential voice mailbox and he will return your call as soon as possible.

     Dr. Martin always makes room for new clients, and initial appointments will be scheduled as quickly as possible.

     If there is an urgent need for an immediate appointment or an emergency, Dr. Martin will try to schedule an appointment the same day.

Special note - for emergency calls:

     If you are NOT currently a patient of Dr. Martin's and are experiencing an emergency or crisis after hours or when our office is closed, it may best be handled by one of the following options:

1. Contact your primary care physician.
2. Go to the emergency room of any hospital.
3. Contact the emergency hotline of the nearest Mental Health Center
4. Dial 911 for assistance


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Directions to Dr. Martin's Offices

     We are located just off Kingston Pike on Center Park Drive just barely west of the Pellissippi Parkway interchange. At the traffic light at the entrance to the Fort Sanders West complex, turn North on Center Park Drive (away from Fort Sanders West and toward the Slyman Real Estate Building), go around the immediate "S" curve, and we are in the first building on the left.  This building has offices on all four sides, and Dr. Martin's offices are on the back side of the building, Suite 1300.  The entrance is around the corner from the parking area.  The office sign reads Pellissippi Psychiatry & Counseling.

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